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What is a Wanderfuls™ centerpiece?

Wanderfuls™ are custom, one-of-a-kind centerpieces made up of individual party favors! Wanderfuls, the original all-in-one centerpiece and party favor.
Individual candy filled wands available in three lengths, wrapped in a beautiful colored ribbon of your choosing, imprinted with your message and party date, then topped with a bright fluffy hand sewn pom pom with a colorful tassel center. the favors really look like flowers! Each favor slides easily into our custom base which can hold 6, 8, 9, 10, or 12 favors, creating your unique centerpiece.

Your custom party decoration then transforms into individual take-away favors your guests will treasure forever! 100’s of colors available to fit the theme and feel of any party. Personal one on one assistance from our talented in house designers and artists! 

Wanderfuls, as unique as you are!

How to order Wanderfuls?

YOU choose all the colors
YOU choose the sizes
YOU choose the shape
YOU choose the filling

The Wanderfuls are made of four coordinating parts, which are selected by you, the designer.

First – You select the color of the pompom to match the theme and mood of your event.The pompoms are made from hand-sewn ribbon and resemble beautiful flowers.

Second – You select the color of the tassel, which is made of sprigs of ribbon shooting from the top of the pompom.

Third – You choose the perfect gourmet candy filling from our selection. The wand part of the favor is a plastic tube which is filled with candy. (Some customers opt to order the tubes empty and fill them on their own.)

Fourth – You choose a coordinating color for the ribbon which spirals elegantly around and down the wand. It is attached at the top and at the bottom. For an extra special touch , you can choose to have Wanderfuls imprint your ribbons with a little something about your event.

Lastly – Each of the individual party favors inserts into the base (which can also be color coordinated)

What are my color options?

Click on a color below to see a preview of the what the color will look like on the wand

How many favors are in each arrangement?

That depends on what you order. We make arrangements which have 6, 8, 9, or 10 favors. Here are some examples:

(click the bouquets several times to see how all the favors come together!)

6 Favor Bouquet

5 favors on the bottom

1 favor on top

10″ tall x 11″ wide

8 Favor Bouquet

6 favors on the bottom
2 favors on top

12″ tall x 12″ wide

9 Favor Bouquet

6 favors on the bottom

3 favor on top

12″ tall x 12″ wide

10 Favor Bouquet

6 favors on the bottom
4 favors on top

12″ tall x 12″ wide

Candy Fillings

Jordan Almonds

Foil Wrapped

Jelly Beans, Gumballs, Mini Jawbreakers, Mints, Kisses, & More

How to order without candies

If you want to fill up your Wanderfuls with your own candies or items please call



Imprinting Option

For extra personalization, we offer imprinting on many of the ribbon colors that wrap around the outside of the plastic tube. There is usually room to print up to 32 characters and spaces. However, it could be less depending on how many capital letters you choose. We can imprint in silver or gold to match the color of your base. No periods, commas, and special characters please. Not all ribbon colors will take an imprint.

What if I have special colors?

Call us and one of our designers will put their love into your event. You will be delighted we are sure. In fact we have thousands of color combinations available to those who call in.

Do you offer discounts?

The early bird catches the discount! Call to see if you are eligible.

Our Designers are ready to help you make your event unique.

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