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Centerpieces that double as Party Favors

Centerpiece and Party Favors…? YES! It’s an all-in-one party decoration. Wanderfuls are designed to become an interactive part of your special day. 

What guest could forget the moment they remove their party favor from the centerpiece?


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What is a Wanderfuls™ Centerpiece?

Wanderfuls™ are custom, one-of-a-kind centerpieces made up of individual party favors! Wanderfuls, the original all-in-one centerpiece and party favor.

Individual candy filled wands available in three lengths, wrapped in a beautiful colored ribbon of your choosing, imprinted with your message and party date, then topped with a bright fluffy hand sewn pom pom with a colorful tassel center. the favors really look like flowers! Each favor slides easily into our custom base which can hold 6, 8, 9, 10, or 12 favors, creating your unique centerpiece.

Your custom party decoration then transforms into individual take-away favors your guests will treasure forever! 100’s of colors available to fit the theme and feel of any party. Personal one on one assistance from our talented in house designers and artists! Check out our website, play on our design tool program where you can impart your colors onto one of our beautiful centerpieces, making it truly your own.


For the most amazing event ever and rave reviews from your clients and your guests- we want to help you win more happy bookings. Wanderfuls is celebrating its 28th year in the business and continuously taking a great part in every customer’s event.

We are a preferred vendor that adds great value to the services you offer. We provide a customized and unique centerpiece that your clients will love… that you simply cannot find anywhere else and help hook future customers. Seen at Miss America Pageant, New York Giants, MacDonald’s Sales Conventions, Thousands of Weddings, Baby Showers, 40th, 50th, 80th, 100th Birthday Parties.

A Great Value that also solves an Age-Old Problem.

Who gets to take home the centerpiece? Just one person or everyone at the table? The Wanderfuls unique Centerpiece approach is to become an interactive part of your special day. What guest could forget the moment they lift out their one-of-a-kind party favor, engraved with the name of your event, from your unique centerpieces? Wanderfuls excel at connecting your guests to each other and to the magical moments of your special day.

The Secret of a Successful Event
Wanderfuls bring unique magic and warmth to your tables and to all your guests, not just a select few at the end of the party. Wanderfuls are guaranteed to make those once-in-a-lifetime special events be remembered for years. Guests cherish their Wanderfuls and hold onto long after the event is over. People are just irresistibly drawn to these special creations.

The Wanderfuls are made of four coordinating parts, which are selected by you and the designer.


You select the color of the pompoms to match the theme and mood of your event. The pompoms are made from hand-sewn ribbon and resemble beautiful flowers.


You select the color of the tassels, which is made of springs of ribbon shooting from the top of the pompom.


You choose a coordinating color for the ribbon which spirals elegantly around and down the wand. It is attached at the top and at the bottom. For an extra special touch, you can choose to have a personalized imprint on your ribbons with a little something about your event.


Each of the individual favors inserts into the base (which can also be color coordinated).

What are our customers saying about Wanderfuls?

Reputation for Quality and Customer Satisfaction

For over 10 years Wanderfuls centerpieces have enchanted our clients and their guests at hundreds of events. Our beautiful bouquets have set the mood at weddings, fundraisers, birthdays, anniversaries, award dinners, Bat Mitzvahs, Bar Mitzvahs, and sweet 16 parties.