When You want something more than just traditional flowers...

Nothing Else Like Our Centerpieces – Perfect for Any Event.  Like Flowers – but Better!

At first glance, your guests will think they are flowers!  They always do!  But as they approach the table, they realize how uniquely magical these special centerpieces are!  Made in our secret way, our lusciously colored ribbon pom poms sit atop each candy filled wand that comprise your centerpiece. 

Wanderfuls make great wedding reception centerpieces, 50th birthday centerpieces, bridal shower centerpieces and company banquet centerpieces or centerpieces for any event you are having.  

Wanderfuls are designed to become an interactive part of your special day. What guest could forget the moment they lift out their one-of-a-kind party favor, engraved with the name of your event, from your unique centerpieces?  Wanderfuls excel at connecting your guests to each other and to the magical moments of the your special day. Guaranteed to make those once-in-a-lifetime special events be remembered forever.

You Pick All the Colors…We Make Them to Order and Ship Right to Your Front Door

Visit our amazing patented candy wand bouquet designer.  See your favorite colors magically appear on your screen.  Once you have your design, call us.to order. We need 2 to 5 weeks production time (sometimes more) based on what colors you choose and what colors are in demand at time of order.  So don’t delay!  Get started designing now to ensure we have your favorite colors.  See order tips.

You just be creative and let our elves do the rest.  And don’t worry.  We make them in different sizes to match the number of guests at your tables!

At Wanderfuls.com, our party centerpieces are made to order.  Good things take time.  Start now to be sure we can fit your color design into the Magic Wand Production Schedule.



Walking into the reception, I couldn’t have been happier. Everyone raved about them.

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When your event is so special that any centerpiece won't do...

Let us create a Magical Wanderfuls Centerpiece for you!

What are our customers saying about Wanderfuls?

I wanted to let you know that the centerpieces were a big hit. Everyone loved them and asked me where I got them. My daughter especially loved them. She said she had never seen a centerpiece idea that was so beautiful and stood out as much as the Wanderfuls! The next time I need some centerpieces, I will definitely order again from you.

– Elizabeth, New Jersey

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Reputation for Quality and Customer Satisfaction

Let us show you what we can do for your special event.  No party too large or too small.  All creatively inclined customers who appreciate our magical bouquets are equally important to us.  And because we can customize every element, we can find a way to fit into almost every budget.


These are the genuine, Original Patented Wanderfuls,  from Mr. Wanderfuls himself, a Famed Inventor who has been thrilling guests and delighted clients with his ingenious invention of colorful bouquets of candy filled Wands. Design Yours Now.  From being seen at the Miss America Pageant to State Dinners to countless weddings, birthdays, graduations and bridal showers, there is nothing in the whole world like an Original Wanderfuls Centerpiece!  These are just some of the esteemed clients who have used Wanderfuls at their most important events.   When you choose Wanderfuls you are in very good company, indeed.



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