2 in 1 Centerpiece & Favor
Banquet Centerpieces that Deliver the Magic
Excitingly different, unique and memorable. Like flowers, but better!
The Bouquets
Just place them on your table and watch the Magic begin!
Delectable Flavors
Gourmet Filling options make each memento a mouth watering gift.
Endless Color Options
Order them in theme colors, company colors, or whatever colors fit the mood of your event.
Keep your Guests and/or Clients Happy!
Wanderfuls banquet centerpieces last forever. Treat each guest to a take-home momento.
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A Centerpiece As Unique As Your Banquet
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Wanderfuls are trusted by

Why choose Wanderfuls as your banquet centerpiece

Our beautiful and fully customizable Centerpieces are handcrafted based on your personal needs. Our one of a kind Centerpieces have appeared on the tables of the Miss America Pageant, the U.S. Olympic Committee, many Fortune 500 Companies, and Government Events.

What Makes Wanderfuls Memorable?

Your Wanderful Centerpieces will express the mood and theme of your event. You choose your colors, your candy filling, your imprinting of the ribbon and any extras that will allow your centerpieces to be the highlight of the party. Your centerpieces hold from six to twelve individual party favors which can be filled with your choice of gourmet candies.

What are Wanderfuls great for?

Wanderfuls have decorated numerous events such as :

Award Ceremonies, Corporate Parties, Sales Meetings, Alumni Events, Ceremonies, Themed Parties, Banquests & Galas, Product Launchers, Fundraisers.

What are the candy options?

You order empty to fill it with your own.

What if you want to design your own?

No worries! We have a state of the art design tool that will let you choose any available combination colors to personalize your centerpieces.