Wedding Party Favors and Centerpieces; Wedding Favors and Decorations for your Wedding Celebration
Unique Wedding Favors by Wanderfuls
Add a touch of magic and beauty to your wedding decor with unique personalized favors.
Party Favors with Gourmet Candy Filling
Available empty or pre-filled with your choice of candy filling.
Personalized For Your Wedding
The bride and groom's names and wedding date can be imprinted on each favor.
Hundreds of unusual favor color combinations
Delight and excite your guests! You choose the colors.
Your guests will be Amazed
You can transform your favors into a stunning centerpiece! Just add one holder per table.
Customized Birthday Centerpieces
How to Order Wanderfuls

Unique Wedding Favors

Wanderfuls: Where Wedding Favors become your Centerpiece.
Wanderfuls are one-of-a-kind personalized favors that YOU can design in any color to match your wedding theme!

These Wedding Favors are available in different sizes and can be customized to give you a more elegant or festive look. Like flowers but better because each guest gets to take their personalized party favor home with them! Infuse your wedding with enchantment with Wanderfuls Wedding Favors!

Centerpieces in Any Color for Any Event

Centerpieces and Favors for All Occasions. Look what many of our clients have done to make their Wanderfuls unique for their special event.

You and your Personal Wanderfuls Designer will…

  1. Choose your Colors
  2. Choose your Candy
  3. Choose your Style
  4. Place your order

Tons of Candy Fillings to choose from.

Imagine something NEW for your event! Call NOW to speak to a Wanderfuls Designer who will help create a personalized and customized party favor filled with your choice of gourmet candy filling.

Let your favors double as your centerpiece

Our Wedding Favors are designed by you for your party. Your guest will be AMAZED when they walk into the room, and see your beautiful centepiece, and realize they double as wedding favors!

Party Favors

Favor Holder


Personalized Wedding Favors

You can have your favors imprinted with the name and date of your event. Every guest loves to take a home a memento, so make sure they can remember your special day forever.

Ready to customize your own bouquet?

Visit our Build Your Bouquet page, try our design tool and create your own unique centerpiece.


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