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I want to thank you for making my daughter’s Sweet 16 party a hit!!! I spent endless hours looking for a great favor that was beautiful and nice without spending a fortune, and when I came across your web site by chance I couldn’t believe there actually was the perfect one! I have received endless compliments on the Wanderfuls, and I can’t wait for my next party! Your expert suggestions and patience when ordering were a delight and actually made decision making fun! I can’t say enough about this product and the way it added to a great party! Anyone who orders the Wanderful won’t be sorry! Thanks again for everything.

Thank you for the wonderful centerpieces. It made a real impression at our Annual Meeting. Even the President of the University of South Florida was impressed and requested the information of where I had the centerpieces made. Also, your staff is wonderful to work with. I had a time frame that I needed these and your personnel was able to assure me that I would get it in time for my meeting. Thank you so much for your professionalism and great, EXCELLENT JOB. You really made my meeting look GREAT. Thank you

I was so nervous!!!!! I had seen your arrangements before I ordered them at a good friends wedding. I knew they would be great. But the big question was would the owners of our company think the same thing. I have worked for a small company for 2 yrs. and this is only my 2nd time handling the end of the year party. I wanted to do something different. In stead of just the regular potted plants that may be only a few get to keep at the end of the evening. The Florelle arrangement was just what I needed.

Well there was not reason to be nervous after all. Not only did the Owner of our company think they were great, but so did his wife and everyone else. It gave off the “WOW” effect.

Thank you Florelle. Until next year.

A VERY satisfied customer.

Today, I received my Wanderfuls bouqet! I love it! It is so wonderful! All you have to do is order that first sample bouqet and you can really see how wonderful it is. I’m so glad I did because, they are even more beautiful in real life. Thank you!

I was racking my brain looking for centerpieces and favors for my reception that have not been done to death. I thought I would have to settle for fresh cut flowers (which have been done to death). In my mind the first thing your guests notice are the table settings and centerpieces.

I wanted a favor our guests could take home to remember our special, magical day. Your favors and centerpieces are just the perfect combination. I also wanted to thank your staff on all their help, spending time giving me ideas on how to coordinate my centerpieces with my taste and color scheme.

Thanks so much for your help in making our party a great success! I have passed on your name to several people who just loved the way way they looked.

Our fundraiser event at the Grand Marquis was a big success. The centerpieces looked fabulous and everyone commented on them. We are sure you have already heard from several of our friends who attended the event.

You all did a great job. My party was a success. Everyone loved the centerpieces and have asked where I got them from. I wanted something different, & different was what I got. It dressed up the room so beautiful that everyone was amazed. Again, thanks for all your help.

I want to thank you an everyone there for your help in planning Kelly’s Sweet 16. It was a pleasure doing business with you. I saw the Wanderfuls at a show about three years ago and I’m so glad I decided to contact you. If you ever need a glowing recommendation or an assistant I would be thrilled to be of assistance. Kelly is already discussing which type of Wanderful she wants for her wedding.

This is a true story that began about year ago when my mother and I were talking to the manager of a local catering hall in her office. It was an ordinary catering hall and I was just there collect information when my life suddenly took an unexpected turn. Sitting on a small table in her office was the most beautiful favor I had every seen. Actually it was a collection of favors in the shape of a bouquet.

The moment I saw it I fell in love. I decided right then and there that I HAD to have this favor at my wedding. It was the only wedding related decision that took less than a month. After all, it solved several two wedding dilemmas in one – the favors and the centerpieces. But like many true loves there were circumstances that prevented us from being together. When I requested more information on these favors, the catering manager refused to cooperate unless I booked my wedding with her. I was disappointed and upset.
Thus began my determined search in every candy, chocolate nut and party place I could find. Month after month, store after store, the search continued but with no results. My head said give up but my heart would not relent.

Then, again, my life took an unexpected turn. That reunited me in the most bizarre of circumstances with my beloved favors. It was a typical day for me on the job as an emergency medical technician when a 911 call came in that a man was having a heart attack. Saving peoples lives is routine in my line of work. So we rushed to assist the man in his home. I hovered over the patient, my stethoscope dangling from my ears when I saw it. I couldn’t believe my eyes at first. Sitting right there on a shelf in the patient’s home was the favor I had sought for so long. I I almost went into shock myself when I realized my discovery. ‘Where did you get this! I exclaimed. ‘At my granddaughter’s Sweet Sixteen,’ the patients wife responded. I assured her that her husband just had severe gas pains and that he was going to be okay. She seemed much relieved. And she saw how much I loved the favor and she let me take it. On the bottom was a phone number. As soon as I arrived at the emergency room I jumped on the phone and called Wanderfuls to tell the story about a crazy girl who just had to have the favor and centerpieces of her dreams. At least my search had come to a happy ending.

How can I begin to thank you? You were an absolute lifesaver. From helping us decide on the correct color scheme to going beyond the call of duty to send us extra material at the last minute, you accommodated all our needs. On behalf of the Office of Public Affairs, thank you again for everything.

I just wanted to say thank you for the gorgeous bouquets. It was a magnificent sight walking into the ballroom…We have received numerous compliments regarding the beauty and the colors of the wands. You have a wonderful product and I wish you the best of luck in the future.

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