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Wanderfuls Shower Centerpieces
Like flowers, as beautiful as flowers, but better...
You Choose ALL the colors
Fully customizable
You Choose ALL the colors!
We can go from formal to festive, elegant to vibrant, classic to colorful!
Magical. Memorable. Wanderfuls.
Wanderfuls will make Your Shower Celebration one to remember!
From Elegant to Festive
Wanderfuls will make Your Event unforgettable and affordable.
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Bridal Shower Centerpieces

Shower Centerpieces are candy favors designed by YOU for YOUR party! Available in different colors and sizes, they can be customized to fit any occasion. Like flowers but better because each guest gets to take their personalized party favor home with them! Infuse your Bridal Shower celebration with enchantment with Wanderfuls Shower Centerpieces!

Wanderfuls made ourtables sparkle!We’re so glad we made them part of our daughter’s special day.
– Debbie and Dan Lynch

What are options for candy centerpieces?

You get to choose from a variety of sweets or order empty to fill it with your own.

What if you want to design your own centerpiece for the bridal shower?

No worries! We have a state of the art design tool that will let you choose any available combination colors to personalize your centerpieces.


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