Wanderfuls Come In Over 50 Colors To Suit Any Occasion!

Wanderfuls manufactures centerpieces and favors from their factory in midtown Manhattan. They transform ordinary curling ribbon and plastic tubing into unforgettable memories using a top-secret process (and little bit of magic). Pompoms are sewn one at a time while the tassels are strung together in groupings of up to six colors. Ribbons are hand pressed with personalized imprints of up to thirty-four characters. Wands are cut to size and methodically wrapped in a personalized ribbon.

When assembled, the Classic Bouquet sits approximately 12” high by 12” wide. The Premier Arrangement is 14”x14”; The Grand Arrangement is 16”x16”; and the Royal Arrangement sits 18” high and 16” wide.

Classic Arrangement

Royal Arrangement

Premier Arrangement

Grand Arrangement

Individual Favors