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Create with color. Add beauty & magic to your event.

Our one-of-a-kind Party Favor “Wands” are available in smaller sizes to accommodate more formal settings or larger sizes for more flair and pizzazz.

Need personalization? Our Wands are happy to accommodate. Your name and event date can be inscribed along the spiral ribbon, making it apersonalized favor as well.

You and your Personal Wanderfuls Designer will…

  1. Choose your Colors
  2. Choose your Candy
  3. Choose your Style
  4. Place your order

Party Favors Color Gallery

Our Unique Favors have enchanted both our clients and their guests at hundreds of events, from weddings and fundraisers to birthdays, anniversaries and award dinners.


Designing Your Favors

Wanderfuls Personalized Favors are filled with delectable candy and wrapped in matching colorful ribbons, our Unique Party Favors provide exciting favors that your guests will rave about.

To create more magic, simply slide these unique candy favors into one of our specially designed holders and presto! Now you have a bouquet of favors that can double as your table centerpiece!

Design Your Own Party Favors Now!

Favors by Event

Our ability to create an unlimited combination of colors means you can get just the feeling you are looking for. And the process is fun! Just call one of our helpful designers and we’ll get you started.

Wedding Favor

Party Favors

Favor Holder


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