2 in 1 Centerpiece & Favor

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Floral centerpiece or a wanderfuls centerpiece?

Worry no more!

We can put them together as one!

Wanderfuls centerpieces are flexible and can be integrated with your lovely floral arrangements.Make your Wanderfuls flourish with flowers!

Floral Centerpiece by Wanderfuls

Floral centerpiece by Wanderfuls gives your guest an amazing feeling when they enter the party room and see your centerpieces. They will surely think these are just ordinary centerpieces but wait until they get surprised when one starts to take out the favors from its base.

Flower bouquets play an important role for the ambience on any occasion, weddings, birthdays, parties or any other events in life. Flower bouquet is an organization of design and color towards creating an ambience using flowers, foliage and other floral accessories.

If you are having a hard time to choose between a floral bouquet and Wanderfuls centerpieces, that is totally fine. We can customize your centerpieces and add your favorite floral bouquet. We will leave a space in the middle of the disk where you can put your floral bouquet.

Candy-filled party favors + Floral bouquet + Centerpiece = WANDERFULS!

This is only for an 8 medium-length (9.5 inches) favors in a bouquet.

This is not your ordinary centerpiece… it’s a party favor in one.

I was so nervous!!!!! I had seen your arrangements before I ordered them at a good friends wedding. I knew they would be great. But the big question was would the owners of our company think the same thing. I have worked for a small company for 2 yrs. and this is only my 2nd time handling the end of the year party. I wanted to do something different. In stead of just the regular potted plants that may be only a few get to keep at the end of the evening. The Florelle arrangement was just what I needed.

Well there was not reason to be nervous after all. Not only did the Owner of our company think they were great, but so did his wife and everyone else. It gave off the “WOW” effect.

Thank you Florelle. Until next year.

A VERY satisfied customer.

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