FAQ - Wanderfuls

Wanderfuls are a magical bouquet of candy-filled wands which you can use to create a beautiful room decoration and then your guests can continue to enjoy them when they take their favors home. Wanderfuls are a unique, patented creation and each one is an original work of art created in our studio. Each Wanderfuls bouquet order comes with a certificate of authenticity which assures you that they were made in our studio and recognized by US patent office.

The Wanderful is a handmade product. We have a studio in New York City where Kristy, Ivory, Fenny, Crystal, and others create your bouquets with love. Then, they are carefully packed and shipped to you. Each tassle and pompom is hand crafted and sewn together from ribbon until they look like a mum, and they wind up gracefully adorning your tables.

Wanderfuls come in several sizes, holding 6, 8, 9 or 10 candy-filled wands. To make sure every guest receives a Wanderfuls wand, tell us how many guests will be seated at each table. That will determine the size of the centerpiece. Of course the more wands, the fuller the arrangement will look.

It’s so easy. Wanderfuls snap together in minutes… but the memories last a lifetime. (Click the image below to see the step by step process)

We have timed it, and it takes just 2 minutes!

We appreciate it when you order 6-8 weeks before the event to reserve your colors. However, we understand that this is not always possible. See our Shipping policies for details.

We can provide the candy filling, or you can save on costs by buying your own candy. For example for Hershey Kisses you will need approximately 1 pound per 10 wands.

We offer many colorful gourmet candies from major manufacturers like Mighty Mints, Gumballs, Candy Pearls, Shugar Coated Almonds, Jelly Beans and other candies that look and taste great. If you want chocolate in your wands, (ie: Hersey Kisses and M&M’s) please order them empty and fill on your end with fresh chocolate. We can tell you exactly how much to buy when you put in your order.

Yes. As we mentioned above, many customers like to fill their Wanderfuls with candy that we don’t ship. Like chocolate, because it can melt during the shipment.

Yes we do. We offer Kosher shugar coated almonds, foil wrapped candies, white mints and others.

The size of a Wanderfuls centerpiece ranges from 10″ tall by 11″ wide to 12″ tall by 12″ wide depending on configuration. A typical centerpiece presented in our catalog is 12″ tall by 12″ wide.

No, not so much! The only way to get an authentic Wanderfuls bouquet is from our studio. We just love talking to our customers and by selling the Wanderfuls bouquets to you directly, we can offer the best possible pricing. If you call us, we are delighted to show you all the possible combinations.

The pompoms are made of luscious and vibrantly colored ribbon.

Nope. The wands are made of food grade plastic. (The discs that the wands fit into are also made of food grade plastic!)

Indeed they look like flowers. Many people say they look like Mums. In fact they are made of ribbon and we can tell you without a doubt that people LOVE the way they transform a room.

Yes. There several ways to combine the Wanderfuls bouquets with fresh flowers. Best bet is to give us a call so we can share the flower secrets with you. Of course, there really is no need to use flowers with the Wanderfuls Bouquets because your guests will believe that they are flowers when they walk into the room.

See our shipping and handling policies for information about rush orders.

Yes. Call us and we will add the attachments you need for a nominal charge.

Absolutely! For customers who want other totally unique color combinations, or different sizes than what we show here, we offer free custom design help. Just call 1-800-294-4910 and one of our friendly Wanderfuls designers will help you design the centerpiece of your dream!

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