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Baptism Centerpieces and Party Favors

Baptism Centerpieces by Wanderfuls… Are you planning a Baptism or Communion? Wanderfuls has the Centerpieces and Favors for you! Wanderfuls are available in hundreds of color combinations to make your party something spectacular and uniquely different. You can even inscribe your name and the date of your Baptism & Communion Party Celebration on your individual favors so the memory will last forever!

Wanderfuls makes the most Wonderful Centerpiece that will totally change the mood of your party!

– Giovanni

You all did a great job. My party was a success. Everyone loved the centerpieces and have asked where I got them from. I wanted something different, & different was what I got. It dressed up the room so beautiful…

– Margaret Horgan

Baptism Centerpieces? What are my options?

You can choose from hundreds of color available for the tassels and pompoms. Wanderfuls is not your ordinary centerpiece, it doubles as your party favors that your guest can take home after the party.  You can choose from different lengths of favors and number of favors in each bouquet.

What if you want to design your own communion or baptism centerpiece?

No worries! We have a state of the art design tool that will let you choose any available combination colors to personalize your centerpieces.

What is a Wanderfuls™ centerpiece?

Wanderfuls™ are custom, one-of-a-kind centerpieces made up of individual party favors! Wanderfuls, the original all-in-one centerpiece, and party favor.

Individual candy-filled wands available in three lengths, wrapped in a beautiful colored ribbon of your choosing, imprinted with your message and party date, then topped with a bright fluffy hand sewn pom pom with a colorful tassel center. the favors really look like flowers! Each favor slides easily into our custom base which can hold 6, 8, 9, 10, or 12 favors, creating your unique centerpiece.

Your custom party decoration then transforms into individual take-away favors your guests will treasure forever! 100’s of colors available to fit the theme and feel of any party. Personal one on one assistance from our talented in house designers and artists! Check out our website, play on our design tool program where you can impart your colors onto one of our beautiful centerpieces, making it truly your own.