Prepare a large, flat clean working surface

Identify the components and spread them out neatly

Snap together the bases first, favors second

Example is for Classic Arrangement with 6 Favors.

Secure the clear balance
dish into the metallic base*

Snap the wide favor holder
cups onto the favor holder disk*

Attach the centerpiece base to
the prepped favor holder disk
using the thin connector tube*

Flip the empty favors around
& add the filling of your choice;
secure it with a favor cap*

Flip the wand right side up &
snap a pompom on the top*

Slide the completed favors
into the completed bases*

Bases are reusable, just order new favors!

*Repeat as many times as necessary.

After filling, keep the favors upright in their bases. Store the centerpieces in a cool place away form direct sunlight